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My name is George Smallwood. I am passionate about all things wildlife. I live in Crookes where I live in an end terrace house with a small garden. Despite only being small I have lots going on for nature. Bird boxes, a small pond, a hedgehog house but my favourite is my two bee hives situated on my shed roof known as the Bee Eco Shed. It won 'shed of the year' in 2018.
I started making lip balms using all natural ingredients. It took a lot of trial and error to get the perfect mix but finally I have created something I am very proud of. The core ingredient is bees wax from my hives. This is melted down with the other ingredients. These are honey (also from my hives) shea butter, olive oil, almond oil, coconut oil, vitamin E with the addition of lemon for the lemon scented lip balm. It is all made by hand at my home and poured by hand into each container.
I hope it is a product that people enjoy using as much as I have enjoyed creating.


Fresh products

Beeswax lip balm

My Original & Lemon bees wax lip balm made using bees wax and honey from my two bee hives as well as other natural ingredients. The bee hives are located on top of my wildlife friendly shed in Sheffield which won shed of the year in 2018. The shed is called The Bee Eco Shed. I have a very small garden but have made it as nature friendly as possible and these lip balms are a result of my love of nature.


Original & Lemon lip balm in a plastic free tube



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