My name is George Smallwood. I am passionate about all things wildlife. I live in Crookes where gardens tend not to be big. Despite this for a long time I have wanted to keep bees. With space in short supply I built up. I built a shed named  the bee eco shed. In 2018 I entered it into the competition 'Shed of the Year' which used to be hosted by George Clarkson. It not only won the eco category it also won the overall winner. The shed has many features for wildlife and plants. The crowning feature though is the two bee hives on the roof. Thousand of bees coming and going all day long that few people ever see just because people don't look up.

I started making lip balms last year and I have now made two types that I am happy with. Smallwood Bees original & Smallwood Bees lemon. I hope it's a product people love and want to use again and again.  

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